Starting a Backyard Garden

April 6, 2024

Not every homeowner is willing or able to dedicate backyard space to a big garden, but the size of your garden shouldn’t deter you from looking into options for a very rewarding hobby.

Whether through simply growing a few herbs or flowers in containers, or by tilling a plot for bountiful harvests, gardening is known to improve physical activity and help reduce stress. Furthermore, tending to plants can help us develop personal resilience and learn to embrace acceptance on a psychological level. If you are a beginner, do not dismay – you will be surprised at the advice you can easily gather just by researching online or at a garden-center.

Start with a plan based on the time you want to invest and the results you want to achieve, such as abundant foliage or luscious fruits and vegetables. Although each type requires specific care, indigenous plants tend to be hardiest. After determining growing schedules and sunlight requirements, you need to decide when and where to plant. Make sure taller species do not overshadow neighboring sunlight-seekers, but also avoid over-exposing those needing shade. Before planting seeds or transplanting slips, condition the soil with recommended nutrients, and ensure water is readily accessible.